14 Things Seniors Love About the BEAST Tumbler

Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler

Sure, we all have our favorite everyday items we can’t live without... But once you reach a certain age and experience level in life, one thing becomes clear: There’s a handful of essentials that become game-changers for your daily routine and happy enjoyment of life.


And much to our surprise, the BEAST Tumbler has become quite the superstar among our over-55 customers here at Greens Steel!


Turns out, these humble insulated tumblers have been raising the bar and revolutionizing the way seniors hydrate, reclaim their health and independence, and make life that much sweeter.


Whether you're a discerning senior citizen yourself, caring for an elderly loved one, or simply want to treat a cherished older friend in your circle; the BEAST is the new standard in drinkware for seniors.


Here’s 14 reasons why the BEAST reigns supreme for senior sippers - plus some rave reviews from its biggest fans!

14. Great for Arthritis

Designed with seniors in mind, the BEAST Tumbler's ergonomic shape is gentle on arthritic hands, ensuring a comfortable grip. Imagine easily holding your tumbler without worrying about discomfort or the stress of spillage!

With its tapered base perfect for smaller hands, the BEAST makes every sipping experience smooth and enjoyable.

Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler

Stainless Steel Double Insulated Tumbler with Lid & Straws

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Available in 19 colors • 3 handy sizes

Image of the BEAST Tumbler by Greens Steel

13. Non-Slip Grippy Coating

The non-slip coating ensures a secure hold, making accidental slips a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the fear of dropping your drink.

The BEAST's textured coating adds a layer of confidence to every sip, whether you're enjoying a calming chamomile infusion or a revitalizing cold brew.

12. Multiple Sizes = Less Refill Trips

Whether it's a leisurely morning coffee or a hydrating afternoon iced tea, the variety of 4 generous size options means no more constant refills or awkward struggles.

The BEAST's multiple sizes ensure you can enjoy your beverage without interruption, providing more time for relaxation and less exertion for those with limited mobility.

Choose between the 10oz, 20oz, 30oz or 40oz capacity tumbler that fits your needs, and savor the simple joy of fewer trips for a refill!

The Greens Steel BEAST Tumblers

11. Hassle-Free Dishwasher Clean Up

Thanks to its 100% dishwasher-safe design, cleaning up the BEAST is a breeze. With the BEAST, seniors can enjoy drinks and then toss the tumbler, lid, and straw into the dishwasher without a second thought. 

Spend less time scrubbing and more time doing the things you love!

Greens Steel BEAST Tumblers in dishwasher

10. Easy-Sip Straws Included

Ah, the joy of sipping from a straw while comfortably reclining in your favorite chair or propped up in bed. 

The BEAST takes sipping to a new level with its optional curved straw, allowing seniors to enjoy drinks without straining, tilting your head back, or craning your neck. 

9. Perfect for Nightstands

Staying hydrated through the night is easy with the BEAST. It keeps water or a soothing herbal infusion within arm's reach, making those late-night sips a delight.

Imagine reaching out for your tumbler without having to leave the comfort of your bed, or worrying about knocking over a glass of water.

The BEAST's presence on your nightstand means hydration is always just a reach away.

Greens Steel BEAST Tumblers in dishwasher

8. Colors that Pop

Memory recall just got a colorful boost. The BEAST offers a range of bold colors that not only brighten your day but also serve as handy reminders to stay hydrated. Who knew a tumbler could be this stylish and functional?

Better yet, the vibrant colors are easy to spot and great for knowing which tumbler holds your morning smoothie and which one carries your afternoon herbal tea!

Greens Steel BEAST Tumblers

7. Handle with Ergonomic Ease

Worried about carrying your tumbler around or holding it steady while sipping? The BEAST has your back. For those who need a bit more control over a larger drink vessel, there’s an option to add a detachable ergonomic handle.

This contoured-grip handle not only provides better weight distribution, control, and grip strength as you raise the cup to your lips, but makes toting it around a breeze.

Whether you're strolling around the garden, sipping at your favorite social club meet, or moving from room to room, the ergonomic handle adds an extra dash of confidence.

Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler

6. Won't Break or Spill if Tipped Over

Accidental knocks won't shatter the moment; the BEAST Tumbler is as tough as it is elegant. Meet the ultimate tumbler that can withstand the minor mishaps of daily life.

With the BEAST, you can enjoy your drink without fretting about fragile glassware. Accidental drops? No problem. Spills? Pop on the lid and wave them goodbye.

5. Health & Hydration Made Easy

Dry mouth and medication routines are no match for the BEAST. It's your trusty companion, keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature and ensuring that staying hydrated feels like a refreshing breeze. Medication time? Sip with style.

4. Great for the Grandkids

Share stories over juice or hot chocolate - the BEAST Tumbler is perfect for intergenerational bonding.

With its grandkid-friendly design, you'll find yourself forging new connections over vibrant, colorful tumblers. 

Sharing quality time and sips have never been more heartwarming!

Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler

3. Value for Money

The BEAST Tumbler offers unmatched value for money, and with bundle options, it's a pocket-friendly choice.

Whether you’re purchasing one for yourself or investing in the health of a loved one, daily comfort has never been this rewarding; especially when you're saving more with every bundle.

10oz Mini Beast Tumbler


Just like a bigger Beast - just mini

Available in 12 color options

2. Travel Friendly to Move With You

Compact, leak-proof, and a breeze to take on your outings or appointments. Imagine having your favorite drinks with you wherever you go.

Whether it's a leisurely walk, social club gathering, Pickleball match, family visit or medical appointment, the BEAST ensures that staying hydrated is never a challenge.

1. Independence Redefined

Ah, the sweet taste of independence. The BEAST empowers seniors to embrace life with newfound vigor.

Each sip is a reminder of your strength, your wellness, and your ability to seize the day.

As you can see, the Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler isn't just a cup; it's a vessel of vitality, a companion to countless stories, and a symbol of embracing life's simple pleasures.

Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler
Image of BEAST logo
Image of Greens Steel BEAST Tumblers

With the Greens Steel BEAST, you'll elevate your sipping experience, add a touch of style, and celebrate the art of staying refreshed – because age is just a number, but the zest for life is timeless.

So, raise your BEAST Tumbler and toast to the vibrant moments that lie ahead!

Until next time, sip happy.

Jenn | Greens Steel

5-Star Reviews from Seniors Who Love Their BEAST

Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review
Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler review

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